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Cut the bullshit

Just thought of a very interesting (to me lah) topic to blog about.

*ah-hem* How boys are so direct/straight-forward/cut to the chase. *u get my drift*

Ok, I also don’t like to jump into some lengthy post about it so let me just provide the facts.



  1. Boys only make phone calls for two reasons. One is to lengthily converse with the girl of their dreams/girlfriend. The other is to ask their friend something. And by asking..I mean..

Boy : “Hello. *insert question* Ok bye”

Girl : Hiiii, how are you?? long time no chat. How’s ur dog/cat/boyfriend/life? Anyway..the reason I called you is because……*laugh laugh* (a minimum of half an hour later…) ok ok keep in touch, byeee!

Disclaimer: this statement is by no means sexist, I’m a girl for god sakes. So to be consumed with a dosage of good humour.

2. Boys are not hesitant when they ask questions.

Boy : Eh buddy, so which base are you at with your girlfriend?

3. Boys hate all the fluffy, flowery stuff. They hate decorating, knitting (anyone seen a grandpa knitting), etc..


ok my inspiration has been short-lived. I ran out of ideas, part of the other evidence seem stereotypical to boys so I decided to stop. Maybe I can make amends by posting one last statement “Boys are known to have a good sense of humour!”

Posted by: lihong | August 26, 2009

Lazy Day


The pathway I took to visit Rachel at International House months ago.

Sigh, isn’t autumn pretty?

I have another need to blog about my routine. I feel like Moby who apparently descriptively blogs about the daily weather on his blog. Whatever happened to him anyway?

On lazy days, I would…

  • start my day with a warm cup of coffee.
  • breakfast is always either English breakfast/omelette/cereal
  • switch on the TV to watch Ellen Degeneres, followed by Oprah.

and today’s one of those days when I really should…

  • get ready for my class at 3
  • stay back for ICSS meeting
  • start studying for Mid Sems (11 more days!)

Yet I’m grateful that I’m able to stay back for a society meeting without worrying what my dad would think. Let’s just say he’s not a very big advocate for extracurricular activities.

P.S Was even watching “The View” and one of them said…

Lil Kim can’t be fat because then she wouldn’t be Lil Kim

LOL. then I started coming up with names like “Not So Lil Kim” "Big Lil Kim” “Medium Kim” that even my roomie can’t stand me.

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

I lost count of the number of times I tried to revive my blog.

Well, this time I’m back because I have this need to be heard 😦 Yea, I feel like I’m bursting with ideas and thoughts but no one seems to be listening. Furthermore, being an accounting student isn’t particularly stimulating for my creative side.

I know what this blogs needs. A new skin. But I kinda grew an attachment to the overly hyper girl prancing across my site.

First off, I have this need to post all my never-seen-daylight photos.  So many needs (not wants), so little time.


The day we got so sick of studying.

Exams were around the corner. Did I mention it was a Sunday night? This is what studying does to us.



This was after a few cocktails.

P5250593 P5250595

What up!


Looks like we were competing for the best pose.




Ok. this is the part where I give up competing

The winner is…Edwina!


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exposed LDR letter

First off, to avoid confusion concerning the following post…

Jie-Xing and I have this online sharing folder thing where we would write letters about our “adventures” just to keep in touch because you know…it’s hard to keep in touch when you’re miles away and caught up with daily tasks.

So below is one of our PG-13 (actually more like U-rated) letters which I thought pretty much summed up the experience I’ve been wanting to blog about. You didn’t think I would let you read the X-rated one did youu? Why should I, I don’t have Nuffnang to exploit the readership earnings 😛 What can I say…commerce student =)

So why not kill two birds with one stone right?


Hey dear,

By the time I can tell you my stories/adventures, I’d probably forget half of them. Not that it’s your fault of course…yesterday I’ve got a bday to organize, two days before you’ve an exam to study for. Three days before? I can’t remember who’s fault is it…must be yours 😛 hehehe

Anyway…here goes…

Millionaire Hot Seat Experience

First off, we were running late (because I woke up late…I can’t remember why, I remember I slept late)

So we took a train allll the way to Richmond (okla, it isn’t that far). Then with a printed map, we eventually found our way to the Channel Nine Studios, which was weirdly located in a residential area. So we were the last ones to arrive, and god must have loved us because we were still allowed in.

I’ll spare you the boring meticulous details by stating the highlights…

What I’ve learnt :

  • Millionaire Hot Seat has the same set of audience for several episodes in a row. For example, I was part of the audience for THREE episodes in a row. But obviously, they mixed around the seating arrangements a bit.
  • Sunglasses and beanies were not allowed because even though we recorded during daytime, they wanna make it seem like it’s at night. I guess all the excitement happens when the sun goes down huh? A bit weird to have Millionaire Hot Seat under sunlight.
  • They only took TWO retakes. HAH in your face! Hehhehe just kiddinggg you know I lovee u 🙂

So basically all I did was…went in to studio, sat down, watched contestants get their makeup done (guys included)… oh yes, and not to forget the main purpose of an audience…CLAP & CHEER! There’s this fat guy behind the scenes, signaling us when it’s time to clap.

Oh yes..and the highlights of the episodes were…

  • A humanitarian couldn’t answer a humanitarian-related question…
  • A vet couldn’t answer an animal-related question
  • Two F1 questions were asked and F1-FREAK Edwina was like bubbling with excitement.
  • And my favourite question of the day “What do you get when you order a lassi in an Indian restaurant?” and the guy passed the question! We Asians were like… “ASK ME ASK ME” of course, silently screaming in our heads.
  • Edwina won AUD50 from the lucky draw and she treated me to french fries

Hmm this seems like a good blog-worthy post and I’ve been meaning to blog about it so I shall publish it too 😛 Guess I’ll have to spare our usual “I love you, I miss you soooo much, I wish you were here” to avoid excessive PDA…or maybe not 😛 Love you!

Posted by: lihong | May 23, 2009

A feeble attempt to update

A short post before I plop on my bed.


pretty autumny trees on Lygon Street


Met up with shully gully for lunch at TIAMO 2 because she was craving for some italian food. Who’s the one who said Tiamo was nice? I’m gonna take a fish and wack them. Why fish? I don’t know, random. But seriously the pizza crust was even thinner than the Dominoes pizza “thin crust”. I mean, I know we’re experiencing a global financial crisis but cmon…


Penang Cha Boh’s oven was as old school as they can get.

There was an actual fire ignited in it!





Edwina, Jacqueline and I baked it =) Our very own apple crumble.

Mind you, it tastes better than it looks. Even Jacqueline’s dutch friend said it was very “refreshing”. That’s a good adjective right?


Penang Cha Boh reading microwave manual and laughing over things like “Do not put clothes in the microwave”


A bored and bad-looking picture of me. See, I do post ugly pictures of myself.

Oh alright, I just posted this to prove that I do post ugly pictures of myself.

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News from Down Under

I miss blogging 😦 and that is why I’m back here again after like…3 months? Ok just say it, I’m a horrible blogger.

Anyway, another reason I’m here again is because I wanna share the awesomeness Melbourne with all of you =) Not you…‘already-in-melbourne people’ =P

Here’s some photos just for starters…

Theme : Streets of Melbourne


large giant chess set


dragon made of palm leaves, can you believe it?


gorgeous paintings created with mere spray cans and newspaper cuttings.

Guess how long the artist took to create one painting? Approximately half an hour!


Naked Jesus and Virgin Mary.

Drawn by a street artist who seems to have penchant for nude drawings.

The other day he was drawing another naked person.

What can I say? Sex Sells huh?


These pictures are only part of Melbourne’s vibrant streets, I haven’t took picutres of..

  • The 70-year-old japanese dude who hula-hoops on stilts for hours. Did I mention he’s dressed as a flower? You’ll see 🙂
  • The dude wearing a spaceman suit while playing weird techno music. According to roomie Edwina, he cusses at people who don’t give him money. Oh wait, actually we’re not sure if he’s a dude coz we can’t see his/her face underneath that suit.
  • Awesome buskers who sing awesome songs that make us smile.
  • The three mexican men wearing ponchos at Victoria Market.

and thank you for all those sweet messages in my previous “Farewell Comtemplation” post =) I really really appreciate it!

Posted by: lihong | February 17, 2009

Farewell Contemplation

True friends…How do you identify a true friend? Are there any indicators? I guess different people have different indicators. I wonder what it is..

Is it indicated by..
Who turns up to send you off at the airport?
Who lends you a hand when you’re in trouble?
Who applauds your ideas while others laugh at them?

When I was younger, I thought the people who are close to me are my true friends..that’s why they’re my close firends. right?
But then I realized…the credibility of the quotes I read about how "true friends are like rare gems, they’re hard to find"
"you can have a lot of friends but very few of them are true friends"

This realization made me feel like I have sudden loss. It’s like suddenly I realized that not all my friends are true friends. The truth hurts, is it better to ignore this perception that I’m left with only one or two true friends and to focus instead of having fun with my many friends?

But then I thought…maybe I’m not a true friend either. After all, it’s not like the world owes me something.

So one of my goals in March (well it’s already half way Feb) is to be a true friend and really treasure friends who are worth keeping.

P.S. I’m off to Melbourne in 10 hours time 😉 I’m going to miss you Jie-Xing, Jia Xin, Ching Mun, Xin Ying, Kamen, Stacy, Jon Chong, Shan Shan, Wei Jie, Shen Yee, Xin Fang, Melissa, Jin Wei, Jie Huei. (some of them, I’ve been missing for very long due to my restricted freedom. I bet some of them are surprised they’re on this list because I haven’t kept in touch with them. If you’re not in this list, blame it on my degenerating brain cells, alright? :P)

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Effortless Charity



Contribute something to the society today 🙂

All you have to do is click that banner.

It’s that easy. No sign ups, no surveys, nothing.

Just an ounce of energy to move that mouse and click 😉

Every click encourages sponsors to pay for food.


Even better, put as your homepage.

You’re saving lives just by opening your browser o.0

and your conscience will thank you for it.

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Xin nian kuai le!


Happy Chinese New Year all!


Tips on maximizing ang pow collection

1. Greet all adults with cny greetings the moment you arrive at their house

2. Be sincere with your greetings. Don’t go like “hope you live a long life (followed by artificial laugh)”

3. If you still didn’t receive any ang pow, it’s either that adult really doesn’t like you *LOL* or he/she is just forgetful/blur/kiam siap. Still, it doesn’t hurt to remind them by wishing them happy cny before you leave the house.

haha! this post is for jokes only la. You think I’m really that money-minded meh? Wait, don’t answer that.

Anyway! If my tips worked like a charm, remember to reward your sifu! 😉

CNY isn’t all about collecting ang pows ok?! It’s about bonding with your family and friends. Of course, ang pows are a bonus 😉 even though certain parents like to remind their child that the ang pow money is technically from their pockets because…when we get ang pow from other people,  our parents have to fork out ang pows for that person’s child too.

Moral of the story? Ask ang pows from married couples who don’t have any children. Ok ok, enough superficiality. Spread the love y’all! Who cares if you get poor from gambling and fat from all the pineapple tarts? Enjoy your CNY to the fullest, as it only happens once a year 😉 Actually I care 😛

P.S. Thank you to all those cny wishes 🙂

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Certainly Certain

December 08 and January 09 have been a blur. I know I know, January isn’t over yet but that’s not the point, the point is…I’m here to blog about how unproductive I’ve been.

Well the reason I feel like I’m practically floating about as these two months flew by is because I’ve been dealt with countless uncertainties that even proactivity can’t resolve.

Two years ago, fresh out of high school, I was faced with a crossroad – “What field of study should I pursue?!” I got my first taste of Commerce and Psychology during my Pre-U. Obviously, the latter was the more interesting one. But notice how the creative subjects are always the not-so-practical one? Mass Com, Journalism..No need to argue with me about the practicality because I’m on your side 😉

This month, I was faced with another crossroad – “Should I study abroad at Melbourne University or stay another year at Sunway Monash?” Everyone says studies is more important than love but what if you’re pretty sure that this isn’t some summer fling (but wait, this term is not applicable because it’s summer all year long). What if you’re sure that you’ve found “the one” and you would slap yourself silly if all you have at the end of the road is a piece of toilet paper (aka degree cert) and if still existing, a strained relationship due to long distance? Is a prestigious cert worth losing the one? If my boyfriend is an abusive no-good-for-nothing douche, then I’ll be more than ready to leave for Australia already lah. All your fault Xing! I know it’s your master plan to make me succumb to your apparent charm 😛 Just kidding’re more charming than Prince Charming, aite? You guys can stop gagging now.

So I concluded – “If we’re really meant to be, things will work out in the end. If we can’t even endure a long distance relationship, how can we expect to overcome future obstacles?”

There. stop worrying lihong. won’t do you any good. Today marks an end of many uncertainties, mostly caused by dear daddy’s indecisiveness. Here are some certainties you might wanna know 😉

  • I’m going to Melbourne University to pursue my Bachelor of Commerce, major in Accounting (one word- practicality)
  • I’ll be leaving on the 18th February, 12.50 am flight! The last time I had a night flight, I couldn’t sleep :S Same flight as Edwina, my future roomie! wee!
  • We’ll be staying at College Square! Maybe I shouldn’t disclose the street name. It is the World Wide Web after all. For melbourners, do visit us!
  • I’m relived, excited, scared, sad, hopeful all at once. I’m  an emotional rojak!

But now, I’m too tired to feel anything, so toodles my noodles. er. it’s the pills.

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