Posted by: lihong | June 3, 2009

exposed LDR letter

First off, to avoid confusion concerning the following post…

Jie-Xing and I have this online sharing folder thing where we would write letters about our “adventures” just to keep in touch because you know…it’s hard to keep in touch when you’re miles away and caught up with daily tasks.

So below is one of our PG-13 (actually more like U-rated) letters which I thought pretty much summed up the experience I’ve been wanting to blog about. You didn’t think I would let you read the X-rated one did youu? Why should I, I don’t have Nuffnang to exploit the readership earnings 😛 What can I say…commerce student =)

So why not kill two birds with one stone right?


Hey dear,

By the time I can tell you my stories/adventures, I’d probably forget half of them. Not that it’s your fault of course…yesterday I’ve got a bday to organize, two days before you’ve an exam to study for. Three days before? I can’t remember who’s fault is it…must be yours 😛 hehehe

Anyway…here goes…

Millionaire Hot Seat Experience

First off, we were running late (because I woke up late…I can’t remember why, I remember I slept late)

So we took a train allll the way to Richmond (okla, it isn’t that far). Then with a printed map, we eventually found our way to the Channel Nine Studios, which was weirdly located in a residential area. So we were the last ones to arrive, and god must have loved us because we were still allowed in.

I’ll spare you the boring meticulous details by stating the highlights…

What I’ve learnt :

  • Millionaire Hot Seat has the same set of audience for several episodes in a row. For example, I was part of the audience for THREE episodes in a row. But obviously, they mixed around the seating arrangements a bit.
  • Sunglasses and beanies were not allowed because even though we recorded during daytime, they wanna make it seem like it’s at night. I guess all the excitement happens when the sun goes down huh? A bit weird to have Millionaire Hot Seat under sunlight.
  • They only took TWO retakes. HAH in your face! Hehhehe just kiddinggg you know I lovee u 🙂

So basically all I did was…went in to studio, sat down, watched contestants get their makeup done (guys included)… oh yes, and not to forget the main purpose of an audience…CLAP & CHEER! There’s this fat guy behind the scenes, signaling us when it’s time to clap.

Oh yes..and the highlights of the episodes were…

  • A humanitarian couldn’t answer a humanitarian-related question…
  • A vet couldn’t answer an animal-related question
  • Two F1 questions were asked and F1-FREAK Edwina was like bubbling with excitement.
  • And my favourite question of the day “What do you get when you order a lassi in an Indian restaurant?” and the guy passed the question! We Asians were like… “ASK ME ASK ME” of course, silently screaming in our heads.
  • Edwina won AUD50 from the lucky draw and she treated me to french fries

Hmm this seems like a good blog-worthy post and I’ve been meaning to blog about it so I shall publish it too 😛 Guess I’ll have to spare our usual “I love you, I miss you soooo much, I wish you were here” to avoid excessive PDA…or maybe not 😛 Love you!



  1. Wow donkey!!! You’re back online…lol…

  2. lol this post was quite long ago also ><

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