Posted by: lihong | August 25, 2009

Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

I lost count of the number of times I tried to revive my blog.

Well, this time I’m back because I have this need to be heard 😦 Yea, I feel like I’m bursting with ideas and thoughts but no one seems to be listening. Furthermore, being an accounting student isn’t particularly stimulating for my creative side.

I know what this blogs needs. A new skin. But I kinda grew an attachment to the overly hyper girl prancing across my site.

First off, I have this need to post all my never-seen-daylight photos.  So many needs (not wants), so little time.


The day we got so sick of studying.

Exams were around the corner. Did I mention it was a Sunday night? This is what studying does to us.



This was after a few cocktails.

P5250593 P5250595

What up!


Looks like we were competing for the best pose.




Ok. this is the part where I give up competing

The winner is…Edwina!




  1. pose fail. xD

  2. You both are too cute!

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