Posted by: lihong | May 23, 2009

A feeble attempt to update

A short post before I plop on my bed.


pretty autumny trees on Lygon Street


Met up with shully gully for lunch at TIAMO 2 because she was craving for some italian food. Who’s the one who said Tiamo was nice? I’m gonna take a fish and wack them. Why fish? I don’t know, random. But seriously the pizza crust was even thinner than the Dominoes pizza “thin crust”. I mean, I know we’re experiencing a global financial crisis but cmon…


Penang Cha Boh’s oven was as old school as they can get.

There was an actual fire ignited in it!





Edwina, Jacqueline and I baked it =) Our very own apple crumble.

Mind you, it tastes better than it looks. Even Jacqueline’s dutch friend said it was very “refreshing”. That’s a good adjective right?


Penang Cha Boh reading microwave manual and laughing over things like “Do not put clothes in the microwave”


A bored and bad-looking picture of me. See, I do post ugly pictures of myself.

Oh alright, I just posted this to prove that I do post ugly pictures of myself.



  1. what is this!!!! calling me penang cha boh n putting up such an ugly pic of me! hahahaha
    n li hong…lame la…take a fish n whack….

  2. i’m your new reader.. lol

  3. woa. your blog is alive again. wow 😛

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