Posted by: lihong | October 28, 2009

Cut the bullshit

Just thought of a very interesting (to me lah) topic to blog about.

*ah-hem* How boys are so direct/straight-forward/cut to the chase. *u get my drift*

Ok, I also don’t like to jump into some lengthy post about it so let me just provide the facts.



  1. Boys only make phone calls for two reasons. One is to lengthily converse with the girl of their dreams/girlfriend. The other is to ask their friend something. And by asking..I mean..

Boy : “Hello. *insert question* Ok bye”

Girl : Hiiii, how are you?? long time no chat. How’s ur dog/cat/boyfriend/life? Anyway..the reason I called you is because……*laugh laugh* (a minimum of half an hour later…) ok ok keep in touch, byeee!

Disclaimer: this statement is by no means sexist, I’m a girl for god sakes. So to be consumed with a dosage of good humour.

2. Boys are not hesitant when they ask questions.

Boy : Eh buddy, so which base are you at with your girlfriend?

3. Boys hate all the fluffy, flowery stuff. They hate decorating, knitting (anyone seen a grandpa knitting), etc..


ok my inspiration has been short-lived. I ran out of ideas, part of the other evidence seem stereotypical to boys so I decided to stop. Maybe I can make amends by posting one last statement “Boys are known to have a good sense of humour!”



  1. Lihong, Relink me ! heheh 😀

  2. Societal biases, I reckon.

    For example, with the guys disliking flowery stuff…. it’s probably because people see a high correlation between flowery stuff and girls. So that reinforces the notion that flowery stuff is for girls, creating a positive feedback loop.

  3. li hong! i have a confession to make. i’ve been reading ur blog since last year! u’re very funny, i like ur style of writing 🙂 funny with genuity inside! please continue writing! why suddenly stop? :/

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