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Shades and all

sigh, he doesn’t know I can’t sleep without his voice.

So here’s what I did when I couldn’t sleep

What do you get when you come across 2 bored girls + shades?

See for yourselves 😉



Untitled2  Untitled6

pout like you mean it yo



seducing each other hahaha



turning each other off with nerdy poses



who says you can’t smile with shades?


 Untitled7 Untitled8

out came the scarf o.0


kamen looking up at me,

me looking down at her.



special guest appearance! suave, no?

he got it from his sis 😉


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Mama Eng

Saw Hui Eng before she left for London yesterday.

She was my first ever friend in Cempaka 🙂  We were so close, classmates used to call us lesbians. Lol, kinda hilarious now that I reminisce on those days. There were times we drifted apart due to different classes and friends but although I can’t pinpoint what exactly we have in common, we could always talk about anything under the sun.

P1090024 P1090025

checkered twins 😉 my whole outfit is from China/HK


Daniel (Mr. Messy) and Adrian showing off his portrait on his t-shirt 😛

Both hilarious in their own ways.

Adrian : Eh why your blog so epic wan. one moment your finger like that, then after that your father.

LOL. I rather have a typical life with party photos to blog about. or maybe not 😛


Didn’t take pictures of Nick Toh because he was busy cuddling with his gf

and didn’t take pictures of Deryk because Nick Toh was blocking.


As for my husband? He was nursing his fever 😦





Hui Eng changed a lot over the years, in a positive way of course. She grew from…

  • a shy girl who has an awesome personality but didn’t showcase it, to the outgoing vivacious go-getter we all know today.
  • a girl who reluctantly joined Netball after numerous persuasions, to an active girl who’s known as Gym Mama and has won numerous sports medals.
  • a girl, whom our Form 1 teacher commented, should correct her studying technique, to a Straight A student who’s studying in UCL.

Mama Eng, I’m proud you 🙂 Have a safe trip back!

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Missing you


i miss him 😦

no, we didn’t break up :p

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Guess who’s back! Yet again…

I know you (the readers) and I have a love-hate relationship, don’t we?

Since traffic is still evident though insignificant, I’m sure there’s still some love right? 😉 but due to inconsistent updates, I’ve been getting some hating too >< Haha, in the form of annoyance of course.

So, here’s some form of redemption 😉 pictures for my awfully deprived blog!!!


yours truly, camwhoring when “all electronics are to be switched off” 😛

my hair looks brown here ^^ too bad only under light 



princess and grandpa mouse.

princess require no explanation 😉

grandpa mouse because he eats sooo slow and like a mouse, there will be small bites in every piece of food.

bro : you are like my mummy (i thought he meant I’m so motherly)

me : aw…

bro : mummy…monster. (get it? mami monster the snack?)

me: =.=


First stop, Hellloooo Shanghai!


What is my impression of Shanghai?

obviously one of the modern cities in China, filled with lights and cars.

That poor lady in my hastily taken photo must have been blinded by my camera flash.


Then we took a flight to some European country..guess which.


nah just kiddin, but this picture remind me of some European country.

Must be the trees.

Yep, it’s Shanghai my dear, don’t be deceived by the lack of snow. It’s zero degrees out there!

I’m actually wearing 3 layers of clothing.



and that headgear is not for style’s sake, i was literally having brain feeze.



Watched sitting elephants at Shanghai Zoo


hey. gimme back my carrot!


jieee..the elephant took my carrot!


Personally, I prefer Hong Kong to China.

Why? China is too messy for my liking, it’s an illustration of the disadvantages of overpopulation.

It all comes down to difficulty in governing an overwhelming population, there’s scams and thefts everywhere, inequal wealth distribution.  There are fewer beggars on the streets though, it’s either the people are doing better or they have been chased off the roads for fear of tainting the country’s image due to the recent Olympics. No doubt it’s the latter because yea right the people are doing better, we’re having an economic crisis!


So back to the safer and cleaner country – Hong Kong


As most of you already know, HK is famous for their display of illuminated graphics on buildings. Simply pretty!


The only sight-seeing we did was at Lantau Island. sigh family holidays…


Don’ t I deserve a pat on my back for this postcard worthy photo? 😛


How bout another pat? 😛

I was in one of those cable cars, of course! Definitely not for those who have a fear of heights.


in the cable car.


if you look properly, you can see some people walking down those stairs.

Crazy I tell you,  I’m taking cable car and they’re walking by foot! I bet there’s a lot of marathon/trekking events  organised here.

Damn nice lor, to trek under the sun during winter.

Sun during winter can be like a metaphor, don’t you think? A metaphor for someone who looks happy but is actually sad because that’s how it is in HK. The sun looks bright and shinning but actually the weather is cold.



one-eyed me, big-eyed sis and no-eyes bro.


guess what i’m impersonating?





blurry but I like it


nah. who says i cannot frown!



mah pretty sis, back off u pedophiles!

she’s a natural, aint she?



Curled my hair at Shenzhen for approx RM100, cheap wei!

Everybody said there’s no difference -.-


That’s it about HK. oh yea, forgot about the shopping…

*takes deep breath* I bought…2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 nightwear, 3 turtlenecks(one in the pic above), 1 trench coat, 1 party top…

before you think I spend like water, the dresses were only worth RM30 each and the shoes were worth RM20.

Here’s a tip,  don’t shop at HK, shop at China.


I’m not done yet but I’m out of blogging stamina *pants*  

before it’s too late to say it, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Let this be a year of change 😉

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I was spring cleaning my desktop and I found this –


It’s a compilation of stuff I wanted to buy from online boutiques, when I first discovered the bountiful online shops out there.

and now, I’m the one owning an online boutique 🙂 How times have changed.

At that time, the thought of running a boutique was non-existent.

Changes like these made me feel like I’ve accomplished something, though small.

Cheers to many more happy changes to in the future! 😉

When times are bad…everyone craves for a change. It gives them hope.

That’s why Obama won, other than the fact he’s talented and charismatic 😛

He’s rather handsome too, am i allowed to say that? *shifty eyes*

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Good morning! ^^


As you can see, I’m in a cheery mood today. Well, I normally am in the mornings. Sunday mornings, to be specific. Despite only having a mere two hours of sleep, nothing starts the day like a good jog! I used to hate it when my dad dragged me out of bed on weekend mornings to climb the TTDI hills. I still do, but after sweating it all out, I can’t help but be paiseh-ly thankful that he dragged me out.


Lately I’ve been upset over petty things.

When my friend told me, “Why lose a forest over a tree?”.

I realized he’s pretty damn right. Haha bet he didn’t realize such a simple quote could make me feel better. 


Another thing significant in my life is that lately my mum has been attending seminars on some tax thing. These seminars are so often, I’m forced to spend more time with my dad, since now he fetches me back daily.


The first week was horrible. Awkward silences. The only time we would talk is when my dad threw an insult to me but I like to think that he actually wants to talk to me and give valuable advice, but since he’s so oi min, insulting me about my studies is better than advising me to study. Things are getting slightly better, despite silence, the insults have lessen, except today…

Dad : *shows Obama article* you see people so smart, can go Harvard, you can or not?

Me : not everyone can go Harvard, you also never go.

Dad : who say I cannot, I just didn’t have the opportunity


-.- Why he compare me the President of America? Haha but I don’t feel the pinch because it’s such an irrelevant comparison. If it’s my relative who’s going to Harvard, maybe la.


That’s it for a sunday morning insight. Now you know everything about me alreadyimg_5004

in case you forgot how I look like.


okla, i admit, I just wanted to promote my online boutique’s goodies 😛


Now to conquer my 1000 word assignment!

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Swallowing the bitter pill

Although my dad can be harsh and my boyfriend tells me to not take into heart what he says, he is still my father and it obviously hurts me to think that his image of me is utterly distorted.

He says I have no skills at all. I beg to differ, I know he meant I don’t have musical skills, dance…basically those skills that require classes but when I argued that he not only didn’t encourage me to go for these classes, he restricted my freedom. Then he’ll argue back that I don’t deserve my freedom because I’ve lied in the past. I lied because he was already restricting my freedom before that and the only way I could go out and have some fun was by coming up with excuses. As for now, I can’t even remember when was the last time I went out with my friends on a weekend.

He justifies his harshness with good intention. Honestly, does good intention rule it all? As long as you have good intentions, you can call someone stupid, worthless and good-for-nothing? As for now, there’s no point fighting fire with fire because it’ll only make things worse. I know he cares for me but doesn’t know how to show it. Eventhough all his insults aren’t entirely true but I believe some of them are.

He says I don’t even know how to cook and wash clothing. I admit, I should have made more effort to learn how to do these, which is why…I’m going to swallow my pride and start to cook today! Anyone want to be my victims? I mean food tasters… *hey food k*

I’ve so many posts about my dad, maybe I should make a tag for it “Daddy Issues” 😛

sorry my readers about the lack of colourful pictures 😉 It’ll’ll come…


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missing blogger found alive!

You know it’s been a long time since you’ve blogged when you can’t even remember the password to your wordpress account -.-

it’s 1.03 am, I’m braindead, and I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow. Perfectly good reasons to procrastinate blogging yet again right? But screw it, it’s been far too long, I need to write something that isn’t commercialised. The only writing I’ve done during my bloggin hiatus is at my online boutique. Commercialised but words of truth k? 😛

Ok, here goes my pathetic yet sincere attempt in reviving my blog.

Cheers *pops champagne* to the many more blog posts to come 😉

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Thou shall ruin more shoes

I was at Mid Valley with my mum today. big deal.


The strap of my slippers broke. again?!

I walked around the ground floor on bare feet. biig deaal.

I’ll tell you what’s the big deal. I got a NEW PAIR of shoes!!! (sponsored by mum of course) Brand new baby! Did I mention it’s a peeptoe heels?

It’s like my rm13 slippers are converted into a pair of gorgeous heels.

Therefore, thou shall ruin more shoes =)

Disclaimer : tactic should not be used too often as effect may wear off.

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It’s here It’s here! *click click*

Saw that one coming, didn’t you?

LOL what a stupid question, of course la, I already told you guys.


I’ve run out of advertorial things to say (been promoting and promoting),

so you want to see, see lah.

don’t wan…still see lah k?


lol wat kind of advertorial is that…


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