Posted by: lihong | January 26, 2009

Xin nian kuai le!


Happy Chinese New Year all!


Tips on maximizing ang pow collection

1. Greet all adults with cny greetings the moment you arrive at their house

2. Be sincere with your greetings. Don’t go like “hope you live a long life (followed by artificial laugh)”

3. If you still didn’t receive any ang pow, it’s either that adult really doesn’t like you *LOL* or he/she is just forgetful/blur/kiam siap. Still, it doesn’t hurt to remind them by wishing them happy cny before you leave the house.

haha! this post is for jokes only la. You think I’m really that money-minded meh? Wait, don’t answer that.

Anyway! If my tips worked like a charm, remember to reward your sifu! 😉

CNY isn’t all about collecting ang pows ok?! It’s about bonding with your family and friends. Of course, ang pows are a bonus 😉 even though certain parents like to remind their child that the ang pow money is technically from their pockets because…when we get ang pow from other people,  our parents have to fork out ang pows for that person’s child too.

Moral of the story? Ask ang pows from married couples who don’t have any children. Ok ok, enough superficiality. Spread the love y’all! Who cares if you get poor from gambling and fat from all the pineapple tarts? Enjoy your CNY to the fullest, as it only happens once a year 😉 Actually I care 😛

P.S. Thank you to all those cny wishes 🙂



  1. eh pls la i still wanna win money and not get fat okay.
    it’s killing me. all the temptations shoutiong “eat me.” shit, im hallucinating now.
    my mom said i gained weight.
    shit la, pre-cny also fat di. what bout POST cny? /omg.

  2. haha donkey aso gained weight :p

    gong hei fatt choy!

  3. lol so true wei. -_- soon my mum will be asking for angpow reinbursement 😛

  4. kamen : pls la, i just saw you. the only place u gained weight is ur boobs 😛

    -jy- i knowww 😦

    sharon : haha my mum asked for rm10! she say i damn stingy

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