Posted by: lihong | May 21, 2009

News from Down Under

I miss blogging 😦 and that is why I’m back here again after like…3 months? Ok just say it, I’m a horrible blogger.

Anyway, another reason I’m here again is because I wanna share the awesomeness Melbourne with all of you =) Not you…‘already-in-melbourne people’ =P

Here’s some photos just for starters…

Theme : Streets of Melbourne


large giant chess set


dragon made of palm leaves, can you believe it?


gorgeous paintings created with mere spray cans and newspaper cuttings.

Guess how long the artist took to create one painting? Approximately half an hour!


Naked Jesus and Virgin Mary.

Drawn by a street artist who seems to have penchant for nude drawings.

The other day he was drawing another naked person.

What can I say? Sex Sells huh?


These pictures are only part of Melbourne’s vibrant streets, I haven’t took picutres of..

  • The 70-year-old japanese dude who hula-hoops on stilts for hours. Did I mention he’s dressed as a flower? You’ll see 🙂
  • The dude wearing a spaceman suit while playing weird techno music. According to roomie Edwina, he cusses at people who don’t give him money. Oh wait, actually we’re not sure if he’s a dude coz we can’t see his/her face underneath that suit.
  • Awesome buskers who sing awesome songs that make us smile.
  • The three mexican men wearing ponchos at Victoria Market.

and thank you for all those sweet messages in my previous “Farewell Comtemplation” post =) I really really appreciate it!



  1. Wow wat a coindence i so happen to be free browsing through everyones blog and u updated. Looks like alot of interesting stuff ur seeing, looks so much fun. okay lar, u take care yea

  2. i loooove those mexicans in vic market! they make such good music, dont they?
    it’s mad

  3. p/s: i think the naked artist right. the fella must have dropped out of school before they taught him how to paint clothes on.

  4. dude, when will i see you around?!

    been here for half a year and never drop a hello laaa…

    glad to see you’ve noticed all the ones who stand out haha. hope to catch you soon k!

    hug, charis

  5. KKK : haha aww I thought noone would come back here again after I ditched my own blog. Thanks for coming back lol. Yea melbourne’s pretty fun =) I’ll show u even more fun stuff later.

    u r on my list : u are on my list too k. in fact u’re up next. and I knowww!! those mexican men with beautiful mexican music *sigh* Makes your market day seem so much happier, doesn’t it?
    LOL yea good point my theory is that it’s either he saw a whole lot of naked ppl or porn.

    charis : heyy yala let me know when you feel like grabbing lunch or something 🙂

  6. eh woman.
    after how long, u finally updated.
    but its so freaking short :/

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