Posted by: lihong | January 20, 2009

Certainly Certain

December 08 and January 09 have been a blur. I know I know, January isn’t over yet but that’s not the point, the point is…I’m here to blog about how unproductive I’ve been.

Well the reason I feel like I’m practically floating about as these two months flew by is because I’ve been dealt with countless uncertainties that even proactivity can’t resolve.

Two years ago, fresh out of high school, I was faced with a crossroad – “What field of study should I pursue?!” I got my first taste of Commerce and Psychology during my Pre-U. Obviously, the latter was the more interesting one. But notice how the creative subjects are always the not-so-practical one? Mass Com, Journalism..No need to argue with me about the practicality because I’m on your side 😉

This month, I was faced with another crossroad – “Should I study abroad at Melbourne University or stay another year at Sunway Monash?” Everyone says studies is more important than love but what if you’re pretty sure that this isn’t some summer fling (but wait, this term is not applicable because it’s summer all year long). What if you’re sure that you’ve found “the one” and you would slap yourself silly if all you have at the end of the road is a piece of toilet paper (aka degree cert) and if still existing, a strained relationship due to long distance? Is a prestigious cert worth losing the one? If my boyfriend is an abusive no-good-for-nothing douche, then I’ll be more than ready to leave for Australia already lah. All your fault Xing! I know it’s your master plan to make me succumb to your apparent charm 😛 Just kidding’re more charming than Prince Charming, aite? You guys can stop gagging now.

So I concluded – “If we’re really meant to be, things will work out in the end. If we can’t even endure a long distance relationship, how can we expect to overcome future obstacles?”

There. stop worrying lihong. won’t do you any good. Today marks an end of many uncertainties, mostly caused by dear daddy’s indecisiveness. Here are some certainties you might wanna know 😉

  • I’m going to Melbourne University to pursue my Bachelor of Commerce, major in Accounting (one word- practicality)
  • I’ll be leaving on the 18th February, 12.50 am flight! The last time I had a night flight, I couldn’t sleep :S Same flight as Edwina, my future roomie! wee!
  • We’ll be staying at College Square! Maybe I shouldn’t disclose the street name. It is the World Wide Web after all. For melbourners, do visit us!
  • I’m relived, excited, scared, sad, hopeful all at once. I’m  an emotional rojak!

But now, I’m too tired to feel anything, so toodles my noodles. er. it’s the pills.



  1. ooooo, which which college squareee. hahaha will be awaiting ur arrival there =D

  2. haha! got limo for me? haha u’ll know which college square 😛

  3. college square is a shithole anyways

  4. eh make sure u have farewell.
    damnit. i’m missing u already.

  5. hahaha awww i’m sure xing will await your return 🙂 link me lihong!
    and make sure u blog when u’re in melb 🙂 and continue scrabbing with us! 😀

    i’ll miss youu~~

  6. nick : now only u tell me! 😦

    kamen : not sure if i’ll have yet.. i’ll be missing u too 😦 we must meet before i leave!

    sharon : haha! sure will! I think I’ll have more stuff to blog about. and don’t want scrabble with u lah, always kena bullied 😛 hehehe I’ll miss u too dear.

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