Posted by: lihong | January 10, 2009

Shades and all

sigh, he doesn’t know I can’t sleep without his voice.

So here’s what I did when I couldn’t sleep

What do you get when you come across 2 bored girls + shades?

See for yourselves 😉



Untitled2  Untitled6

pout like you mean it yo



seducing each other hahaha



turning each other off with nerdy poses



who says you can’t smile with shades?


 Untitled7 Untitled8

out came the scarf o.0


kamen looking up at me,

me looking down at her.



special guest appearance! suave, no?

he got it from his sis 😉




  1. wow leng luizz..intro me to her la keke xD

  2. I’ll see you in Melbourne yeh? 🙂

  3. who’s adrian? hahaha
    i mean, which adrian 😡

  4. adrian : haha, ok! adrian. Adrian, meet kamen. Adrian’s my HELP friend, studying Year 2 Business. Kamen’s my lesbian partner, studying Law at HELP.

    melanie : hehe! yepp, do you still want me to bring your reserved items over? LOL u can pay in AUD. 😛

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