Posted by: lihong | January 10, 2009

Mama Eng

Saw Hui Eng before she left for London yesterday.

She was my first ever friend in Cempaka 🙂  We were so close, classmates used to call us lesbians. Lol, kinda hilarious now that I reminisce on those days. There were times we drifted apart due to different classes and friends but although I can’t pinpoint what exactly we have in common, we could always talk about anything under the sun.

P1090024 P1090025

checkered twins 😉 my whole outfit is from China/HK


Daniel (Mr. Messy) and Adrian showing off his portrait on his t-shirt 😛

Both hilarious in their own ways.

Adrian : Eh why your blog so epic wan. one moment your finger like that, then after that your father.

LOL. I rather have a typical life with party photos to blog about. or maybe not 😛


Didn’t take pictures of Nick Toh because he was busy cuddling with his gf

and didn’t take pictures of Deryk because Nick Toh was blocking.


As for my husband? He was nursing his fever 😦





Hui Eng changed a lot over the years, in a positive way of course. She grew from…

  • a shy girl who has an awesome personality but didn’t showcase it, to the outgoing vivacious go-getter we all know today.
  • a girl who reluctantly joined Netball after numerous persuasions, to an active girl who’s known as Gym Mama and has won numerous sports medals.
  • a girl, whom our Form 1 teacher commented, should correct her studying technique, to a Straight A student who’s studying in UCL.

Mama Eng, I’m proud you 🙂 Have a safe trip back!



  1. wah seh, mamahong, such a touching post, make me wanna cry already, and so kembang make me sound so chun! lol not that great la okay 🙂

    im gonna fly off soon, i’ll miss you 🙂 i’ll try to call u as much as i can, its pretty cheap for me to call back! nxt time i come back u’d better be here and not go hong kong the whole time again!

    love you xxx

  2. wei get a cbox plsss
    and walau mamaeng got special post how come i dont have! rawr

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