Posted by: lihong | November 16, 2008

Good morning! ^^


As you can see, I’m in a cheery mood today. Well, I normally am in the mornings. Sunday mornings, to be specific. Despite only having a mere two hours of sleep, nothing starts the day like a good jog! I used to hate it when my dad dragged me out of bed on weekend mornings to climb the TTDI hills. I still do, but after sweating it all out, I can’t help but be paiseh-ly thankful that he dragged me out.


Lately I’ve been upset over petty things.

When my friend told me, “Why lose a forest over a tree?”.

I realized he’s pretty damn right. Haha bet he didn’t realize such a simple quote could make me feel better. 


Another thing significant in my life is that lately my mum has been attending seminars on some tax thing. These seminars are so often, I’m forced to spend more time with my dad, since now he fetches me back daily.


The first week was horrible. Awkward silences. The only time we would talk is when my dad threw an insult to me but I like to think that he actually wants to talk to me and give valuable advice, but since he’s so oi min, insulting me about my studies is better than advising me to study. Things are getting slightly better, despite silence, the insults have lessen, except today…

Dad : *shows Obama article* you see people so smart, can go Harvard, you can or not?

Me : not everyone can go Harvard, you also never go.

Dad : who say I cannot, I just didn’t have the opportunity


-.- Why he compare me the President of America? Haha but I don’t feel the pinch because it’s such an irrelevant comparison. If it’s my relative who’s going to Harvard, maybe la.


That’s it for a sunday morning insight. Now you know everything about me alreadyimg_5004

in case you forgot how I look like.


okla, i admit, I just wanted to promote my online boutique’s goodies 😛


Now to conquer my 1000 word assignment!



  1. haha you so funny lar

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