Posted by: lihong | November 3, 2008

Swallowing the bitter pill

Although my dad can be harsh and my boyfriend tells me to not take into heart what he says, he is still my father and it obviously hurts me to think that his image of me is utterly distorted.

He says I have no skills at all. I beg to differ, I know he meant I don’t have musical skills, dance…basically those skills that require classes but when I argued that he not only didn’t encourage me to go for these classes, he restricted my freedom. Then he’ll argue back that I don’t deserve my freedom because I’ve lied in the past. I lied because he was already restricting my freedom before that and the only way I could go out and have some fun was by coming up with excuses. As for now, I can’t even remember when was the last time I went out with my friends on a weekend.

He justifies his harshness with good intention. Honestly, does good intention rule it all? As long as you have good intentions, you can call someone stupid, worthless and good-for-nothing? As for now, there’s no point fighting fire with fire because it’ll only make things worse. I know he cares for me but doesn’t know how to show it. Eventhough all his insults aren’t entirely true but I believe some of them are.

He says I don’t even know how to cook and wash clothing. I admit, I should have made more effort to learn how to do these, which is why…I’m going to swallow my pride and start to cook today! Anyone want to be my victims? I mean food tasters… *hey food k*

I’ve so many posts about my dad, maybe I should make a tag for it “Daddy Issues” 😛

sorry my readers about the lack of colourful pictures 😉 It’ll’ll come…




  1. ive been told that my cooking is dam good, take that!

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