Posted by: lihong | September 6, 2008

Thanks Syaz

Today…I woke up determined to study!

and when I sat down at my table, it suddenly dawned upon me that…I don’t have my friggin book!

*GASP* It’s in the college locker!!!

Li hong…li hong… *slaps forehead repetitively*

Called for help of course, that’s what boyfriends are for right? hahaha kidding dear 😛

but my dear was unfortunately busy so he sent his sidekick Syaz LOL!

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Syaz! If I get A for Business Statistics, I’ll treat you to a biggg meal, after fasting month that is. Don’t think I’m saying that because I can’t get A okk. Because Li Hong CAN! Can she do it? Yes she can! (shit wei, imagine how paiseh it’ll be if I don’t get A since I tell everybody I can) More reason to score A!

Thanks syaz, don’t know what I’ll do without friends like you =)



  1. awww… you’re welcome!!
    sadly i won’t be here after fasting month to get treated a bigmeal.
    but seeing u happy is thanks enough 😉

  2. lihong!! i absolutely know what you mean by ” i don’t wanna go out cos i wanna study, but when you wanna study, something (like the computer) distracts you, and you then go off and do something unproductive” haha!!

    when are your exams?!

  3. good luck for your exam tomorrow!! 😉

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