Posted by: lihong | September 5, 2008

Eve’s Closet

So I said I wanted to start a clothes blog.

And I mean it! Just been really busy with my exams. I know I know…anything is possible as long we manage our time right? But why burden myself unneccessarily?

I don’t know about you but my body always act up during highly stressful exam periods.

1. SPM : multiple oral ulcers and sorethroat.

2. SAM : Acne breakout

3. NOW : neck ache. pretty bad this time.. Hurts especially in the morning but nothing a couple hours of sleep can’t cure.


I told Xing why I think I got neckache.

“I studied too much until my head got heavy with information, so my neck couldn’t support all the weight”

All he can say is…”wtf”


So I’ve made a decision! My clothes blog’s name is…..

Eve’s Closet * cue fireworks even better than olympics’ one*

because…Eve has no clothes ma. LOL


Haven’t decided the tagline though…Hui Eng suggested a few too.

sigh I’ve been trying to paste a webpoll here but wordpress is being a bitch with the javascript stuff. Now you know why there’s no nuffnang on wordpress?
so it looks like this now…

Which tagline do you prefer?
the reason she wore clothesleave me not (she doesn’t want leaves anymore)it’s eve, not steve (xing’s idea)screw taglinesdunno lah, don’t disturb me free polls


so click here to vote and if YOU have an idea for the tagline, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Enough of all the shop talk, time to show you some goodies!

Best thing of all? They’re all going for less than RM50 baby (individually, not collectively :P) and I don’t mean RM49.99…maybe RM49 got la…HEHE kiddinggg.



  1. 111

  2. Thanks to you

  3. huh thanks for?

  4. hey li hong! mel here. hehe. found ure blog. 😛 love ure clothes.
    and ure lookin damn hot. 😛

  5. u look great in all the pics!
    but if i had to pick, the first pic with the simple white tee looks great on u 😉

  6. mel wuong : heyy it’s been far too long since i’ve heard from u! I even saw all the srikl-ians last year. thanks for ur compliments honey =) im going to link u!

    syaz : haha really ar? that white tee was a bday present =)

  7. eh super nice! i really like them.
    but too bad i’m in australia! T________T imma buy stuff when i get back 🙂

  8. How much is the model? She is on sale, rite? =p
    Any discount for mua if mua wan the model?
    red off shoulders dress looks hawt! =]

    wait till my account got money first k? this month over budget to max.. =p

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