Posted by: lihong | September 3, 2008

Nerd is the new Cool

Oh yea, I’m supposed to talk to you. Forgot you for a bit. Haha, I sound mad, don’t I? Like I’m talking to blog. I miss youu bloggyyy!!! ok, enough.

 Anyway, today I had my accounts test. I’m actually quite tired to even think of what to write next. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m too tired to study. Li Hong is never to tired to study *NERD!*

How long will it take for you guys to realize I’m all talk but no action. People think Im damn nerd because these are some of my favourite quotes the past few weeks.

1. I’m going to the library.

2. OMG, I need to study.

3. Bye Bye! I’m going to study now *runs off and do some other unproductive activity*

Here’s another new quote…Ok, I shall not waste my brain cells thinking of what to blog next, study study!

Gambeteh ooOOoo *only ching mun will laugh*



  1. Hey, you blog too
    So many people blogging!

  2. heyy you’re calvin from BComm rite? Lol, I’ve been blogging for so long I can’t remember when i started. Form 3 i think?

  3. Yea, yea, that’s me. Lolx.
    That’s a really long history!
    Can i link u? Hehehe..

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