Posted by: lihong | August 25, 2008

Kids nowadays…

You know you’re old when you start to say..”Kids nowadays ar..”

So anyway, here’s an issue of “Kids nowadays”

I came back home today only to have my maid greet me with frantic complaints.

Apparently, my lil siblings were online the whole day and my brother went to my maid laughing..

Bro : heehee. the nennen so funny. (im sure you know what nennen is) her nen nen bouncing.

My reaction was like…wtf?! my siblings are viewing porn online?!

So, I was sent to investigate. Turns out my sister was searching for “animated cliparts” and she found “sextoons” that look like this…

aihz. i hope there’s no little kids viewing my blog.

So yea I went to give my sis a talk on the birds & the bees.

Naw kidding, I just said…

  • those stuff are for adults
  • it’s not good for you
  • my parents will kill her if they catch her viewing all these. The worst case senario would be “banning internet” GASP

My sister’s only 9 years old, so I think she’s a bit too young to know about the birds & the bees.

and Hey, isn’t that my parents’ job?! but they never told me about the birds & the bees.


Me : mummy, how did you give birth to me?

Mummy : Well, mummy and daddy slept together and then suddenly you’re growing in my tummy.

During then, I seriously thought we can have babies just by sleeping next to each other.


see why I don’t want their innocent minds to be corrupted?

i absolutely love this picture. simply too adorable for words.


On another note..

My brother was sitting on my lap for a long time until I started to complain..

Me : why you always sit on my lap, tired lah.

Bro : Your lap’s like a pillow jiejie. You’re like a bedroom. *indicating that my lap is very comfortable to sit on lah, don’t think dirty*

Me : 0.o

So young already got pickup lines. So original somemore, not like the typical

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day”


I’d say…”yea, I’m tired……of you”





  1. wadafark!?!? @_@

  2. Yalah kids nowdays macam ini punya…

  3. princess jasmine is hot… 😉

  4. you know who introduced this? PETER, he loved disney remember?

  5. you know ur old when u get body ache the day after handball

  6. My childhood memories of Aladdin and Little Mermaid just got twisted, LOL.

    Btw, your siblings so cute lah, I mean the picture. Your sister looks like you. 🙂

  7. yer.. that pic just ruined my childhood heroes’ images. whores man. lesbian whores.

  8. -jy- : ditto

    Janus995 : lol, macam mana u tau? encountered others?

    syaz : lol u can barely see her in that pic. hor! someone stared intently.

    the bastard : why u call urself bastard? i guess u are one for accusing Peter. you got along better with my bro, remember? both of you were like whispering to each other 😛

    Khu : haha! that’s not old la, that means you didn’t exercise for dam long.

    Michelle Wong : yea, I can never look at them the same way ever again. just like how I can never watch High School Musical. Hehe it runs in the family 😉 the cute gene I mean 😛

    chingmun : thank god my childhood hero was like..snow white. actually I can’t remember.

  9. OMG. I just viewed something dirty on sim li hong (the seemingly innocent girl)’s blog! haha kidding. thats sick man. but funny. can’t believe your little siblings saw this. LOL.

  10. nvr occurred to me that jasmine and ariel can have sex. ha ha.

  11. HAhaha Li hong you bad sister!

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