Posted by: lihong | August 19, 2008

Do you have ADD too?


I’ve been busy ok…


Busy reading about anwar’s sodomy, busy laughing over anwar’s sodomy, busy cheering for LCW, busy emoing over LCW’s loss, busy thinking of excuses on why I didn’t blog…


ok, I shall stop before I’m known as the girl with excuses (wadya mean I’m already known as that?!)

Oh. I got another excuse. Finger pain lah. Cannot type lah…

For those curious souls, here’s a finger update



 still nail-less, takes months to grow.

Maybe I should do a weekly update on my finger, like some lunar eclipse chart.



I’ve got so much things to blog about, but if I were to blog about everything that intrigued me in the past few weeks, you’ll be scrolling down the page forever. So I’ll save that for my diary (actually I don’t have one). I don’t know about you, but if I were to blog and keep a diary at the same time, it’s like double-posting (accounting term, wtf) but this time, it doesn’t overstate any financial figures (wtf again). Now I know why bloggers like to use “wtf”, it epitomises a strange feeling I don’t even know how to describe in words, it’s just “wtf”.

See what I mean? I haven’t even started blogging about what I intend to blog about and I already typed paragraphs. Ok mari kita mula…

btw I have this theory, I think people like to blog in BM even though readers don’t exactlty like to read entries in BM. Don’t know why, maybe it’s because we sad bloggers need some language spontaneity or something. We don’t know french, not all Malaysians understand chinese, so BM it is.

btw I have another theory. I think I have ADD. Let’s wikipedia that, shall we..


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, previously known as Attention-Deficit Disorder, a development disorder that impairs one’s ability to sustain focus.





If you can’t quite grasp the concept, watch the video below





well, let’s just say he’s the extreme case.


holy shit. I was just joking about having ADD. Then I wikipedia-ed the symptoms…

The most common symptoms of ADHD are

  • distractibility
  • difficulty with concentration and focus
  • short term memory loss
  • procrastination
  • problems organizing ideas and belongings
  • tardiness
  • impulsivity
  • weak planning and execution.

However, not all people with ADHD exhibit all symptoms. It is common for persons with ADHD to display symptoms only when they are doing tasks that require excessive, prolonged, or elevated levels of attention or are placed in environments that are too distracting, so that once stimulus is removed they function normally. But, in many cases this is not possible, intervention is needed to cope with these stimuli.


ok calm down li hong…the first thing you learnt in psychology is not to “self-diagnose”


Why do I think I have ADD?

I can never focus in online conservations

Everyone knows I’m famous for that.

Before I got together with Xing, he used to call me “Batman”. Why? because the dark knight never fails to disappear the moment you turn your back.

After we got together, he doesn’t call me Batman. He just gets annoyed and suspects I’m talking to my “other bf” when I’m actually talking to a “Word Document”…like what I’m doing now -.-


Lastly, this whole post is evidence on why I think I have ADD.


I was supposed to blog about..


  • my treasure hunt
  • upcoming clothes blog (got supplies edi)
  • haunted genting trip
  • Chong Wei maybe (though it’s old news)

but I ended up babbling about ADD.

Ahh yes. another reason to come back for more 😉 




  1. i think youre just melted butter, like peter, oh that rhymes!

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