Posted by: lihong | August 10, 2008

Er..Daniel Powter is still right?

I did not procrastinate, mind you 😛My days have been filled with so many pleasant & unpleasant events that I can’t even decide whether I’m happy or sad right now.

My “bad day” was so long ago that I don’t feel as “wrecked” as I did that day but a promise is a promise 🙂

continuation from previous post

What I didn’t mention was that it was also my dad’s birthday that day.

It wasn’t a happy birthday at all.

Apparently, my mother and I were back home slightly late and my dad got furious, thinking that we don’t care about him. But my mother had to work, and then pick me up from college. Why so serious right? My presumption is that my dad is insecure but he reacted in anger.

Fast forward…we were in the car in KL, parents arguing at the front, children stoning at the back. At times like this, I wish I could just say “cant you just get it over with and enjoy your goddam birthday?” but that is like infusing a bomb.

*I’m sure some of you noticed my posts have become more “journal-like”, in other words, wordy.*

That’s how I want it to be, I want it to reflect my true self, instead of mere paragraphs to depict how I feel.

Actually I’m quite lazy to type so much right now. ah contradiction 😀

point form should do the job.

  • Argument got out of hand.
  • Mum opens car door and runs out
  • Dad is outraged, asks me to go after her.
  • I panicked. Got out of car. Slammed car door faster than I could remove my other hand.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that bolded phrase is the defining point of my bad day.

End result :

 The joker did this to me.

That’s my finger and my mum in the hospital.

Before it got poked with needles to numb the pain,  now I know why people can get addicted to painkillers.

One moment I was begging the pain to stop *ok not so dramatic*, next thing you know…huh? what pain? 🙂


 Few days later :


ever wondered how your finger would look like without a nail? wonder no more.


It wasn’t so bad. I can now point my bandaged middle finger at everyone without appearing rude 😛

“sorry, i can’t bend my finger”




  1. holy shit! nasty finger.

  2. i wished i kept my nail. left it in the hospital

  3. what were YOU thinking!

  4. i wasn’t thinking. lol

  5. I’ve seen this before. It happened when I accidentally slammed the car door on my grandmother’s finger.

    Hope your finger heals well and fast. 🙂

  6. Omg, That’s a nasty injury!!! May it heal ASAP!!! *hugs*…that was a terrible Bday indeed…& u know summthin, I wished my dad happy Bday 2 days late…omg…I’m terrible…

  7. holy shit that looked soo painful OUCH!!!


  8. michelle wong : omg dats worse. at least my finger is a healthy young one. ok im not making u feel any better am i? no worries, accidents happen.

    jie huei : aw thanks sweetie 🙂 lol how did ur dad react? im sure he’s so thrilled u wished him he forgot to be angry.

    janus995 : actually it wasn’t as painful as it looks.
    most of the time there was this numb throbbing pain.

  9. OMG. ARE YOU OK. That was a really bad day man. I hope your finger is alright. Tell me about the gory details the next time we go out. I’m messaging you online but I think you’re away. Anyway, wanted to tell you that my hols are next week so we can go out. sms me! Bye! Good luck with the poor finger.

  10. Lol…he was thrilled…lol..& said as long as I hav the heart…made me feel even more guilty weih…lol..goodness…cuz i wished my mum & sis on time…llucky he didn’t fell left out…lol

  11. & how come u’ve abandoned u’re blog again?

  12. oh my goodness. that’s worst than faggots! (u noe what i mean)
    omg omg omg.
    is it alrite now?

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