Posted by: lihong | August 5, 2008

Daniel Powter was right

 What is this. This li hong say wanna start new blog and all but didn’t update at all. Might as well don’t blog lah like thattt..


I was busy. dead busy.


I never believed in bad days…until today.


Sequene of misfortune

  • woke up at 8 am after approximately 2 hours of sleep the night before doing assignment
  • bought Sans Franc coffee (hey im sleep deprived) and split some on my favourite dress while walking up the hill to HELP.
  • rushed to toilet to wash off the stain. scrub scrub scrub but the stain remained. If that isn’t bad enough, I now have a wet patch on my chest area (after ppl think i was breastfeeding in the toilet)
  • spent the whole morning typing this essay, only to forget to save it.
  • re-typed essay, only to have the laptop shut down on me. shut down, not hibernate.
  • *gasp for breath* re-typed essay again. this time jie yao said “you better save it” and I said if that essay comes out in future exams, I would ace it because I typed it three times
  • Ok. then have to burn asignment into CD. Where’s the blank CD? At the gym -.- stupid.stupid.stupid! Luckily gym nearby
  • boyfriend waited for me for 2 hours to finish my assignment. Today’s our 14th month anniversary. The fact that he was waiting only added fuel to my fire of stress.

Basically, I was a nervous wreck today. A total wreck. You can now greet me by saying “hello wreck” Obviously I’m joking -.- I can mock myself, but you cannot 😛 Well, at least I’m attempting to admit my flaws here. Even Jie Yao said “you’re the most kelam kabut girl I know” ouch! But no denials there but I do have excuses though.

Freud’s theory

Since young, my impatient parents always scolded me badly whenever I did something wrong. “Why are you so *insert negative adjective*” and if I ever kept them waiting for me when they come and pick me up, they will scream and shout at me. So this explains why I had anxiety attacks when someone says “why are u so blur” or “why are u so kelam kabut”, and also when I kept Jie Xing waiting even though he didn’t scream and shout at me. 

 I was so kancheong that I left everything in JieXing’s car and only took out my laptop. BIG MISTAKE.

  • wanna save file. mana thumbdrive?
  • wanna print at HELP. mana student id?
  • wanna pay for printing. mana wallet?
  • laptop low on battery. mana charger?

Trust me. All of the above is NOT what made today a bad day.

I actually felt pretty happy after I completed my assignment and thought to myself “Just because I had a bad start doesn’t mean I should allow it to ruin my whole day”.

BUT why today is such a bad day will be continued in the next post. Don’t be perasan, this isn’t some scheme to make you revisit my blog 😛 I’m just dead tired. Today was a physically and emotionally draining day.

To be continued…

 p.s. lesson learnt : don’t procrastinate. Not only did it cause unnecessary stress, my procrastination affected people around me too (negative externality 😛 wtf econs?!). Which is why I’ve really learnt my lesson this time as the consequences of my past procrastination were only beared by me.  Which is why I’m typing this post at 1.22 am even though I can do it tomorrow.

Now toodles before I have to bear the consequences of sleep deprivation. Love you all!



  1. Omg…u poor thing!!! but at least its done & handed in =) Btw, u even manged 2 make u’re embarassing coffee moment sound funny…breastfeeding in the toilet? how did u come up with that? LOL…this is why i always come back 2 u’re blog..Its u’re cuteness/blurness which entertains me =)

  2. LOL i came up with that coz i experienced it before. lol jk. i also dunno how. random.

    It’s supportive ppl like u that keep me blogging =)

  3. wrecked donkey =.=”

  4. u always break ur own records! haha kidding
    i miss u. =D

  5. Hahaha!!! Yeah!!! pls DONT do any last min work ok!!!!

  6. omg! i must record this day in history. weijie said she misses me 🙂

    haha dun wait for my work la jY. not worth it.

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