Posted by: lihong | July 27, 2008

Finally some pictures!

*when you’re happy and you know it music*

When you’re lazy but wanna blog…you post pictures! post! post!

omg, im so lame, I can’t stand myself.  hahaha! lame,  can’t stand. get it? *sheesh beh tahan*

Trying to look emo but ended up looking like im sleeping -.-

one of our rare pics. isn’t he handsome?


Last Last Week.

The handsome boy treated me to Genji @ PJ Hilton




Ever since young, I’ve always wondered why must it be “His & Hers”, not “Hers & His”.

Why must it be Oh Boy! Instead of Oh Girl!

Why must it be Awww mannn…instead of awww woman..

Oh wait. At least there’s Ladies & Gentlemen, instead of Gentlemen & Ladies =)

Oh. I’m supposed to talk about the food right? was good? hahaha, I aint good at food reviews. Heck, I don’t even know the names of the dishes I ate. I just know I ate fried chicken and Xing ate stir-fry chicken.

For awesome food reviews, visit Hui Eng & Sook Voon’s Food Blog

Ok,back to topic, we wanted to try the Japanese Buffet @ Genji but it’s only available on weekends.

So we settled for Ala Carte, pretty pricey but what do you expect right? It’s good food, and it’s at Hilton Hotel. 


i just realized we have the same pose. haha! totally unintentional


then Syaz came to be our lamp post. YAY.

We’re very lonely you know, noone wants to hang out with us in fear of being a lamppost 😦

friends for years, yet this is our first pic.

me : ehh I look blur here

syaz : when don’t you (look blur)?


On an unrelated note,

zaman dahulu

zaman sekarang

Webcam-ed with Jie Huei recently.

Look how fair & gorgeous she has become!

She was already gorgeous to begin with but she has gotten fairer!

I asked her what is her secret –> New Zealand weather – no sun.

wow! gimme some of that NZ weather!


Ok, I changed my mind. Lazy bloggers shouldn’t post pictures, it’s fair more tedious.






  1. hahahaha… professional lamppost.
    something i shouldn’t really be proud of =S

  2. Lol…I paiseh edi lah…& tht pis wasn’t at the best angle…dun worry, I’ll be tanned again once I start skiing…lol…u & JX look soooo the manjaly sweet 2gether 😉 I miss i so much lah…

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