Posted by: lihong | July 23, 2008

I wanna be a brat

So I said I’ll blog about the Brats journalist thingy..
Well, it’s just some journalist workshop where you have to write an essay of yourself to be accepted. Jie Huei and Yun Ni been to it before. I forgotten all about it and thought I didn’t get accepted.


Then one day I got a phone call,


Guy : hello, I’m from the Star and I’m calling regarding Brats.

Me : huh? Bratz? (thinks of the bratz doll)

Guy : yea Brats, you know brats? The workshop
Me : oh!oh! Brats Brats! *I wished I said…oh yea, I knew that*


So basically, he asked if I got the invitation email. *eyes widen eventhough still look small*

I didn’t! and he still bothered to call me about it, wah so happy!!! Ok I sound really suaku right now, I mean erm..I was delighted. yea.

Good news! The workshop is at Kajang Country Heights, which is nearer compared to Terengganu etc –> higher chances of my parents approval.

Bad news!

Workshop Date : 16th-19th August

QBM Mid-term Date : 18th August

Seriously, don’t know whether to think I’m a high on luck or the opposite. It all depends on perspective right? If I’m a pessismist, I’ll say “why god treat me like this?! why give me something and take it away?!”

But I’m easily pleased *not easy in that way ok*, so I’m already grateful because I just tried out to see if my writing skills are good enough 🙂






  1. Heyz, You can ask them 2 place u in another one of their workshops u know…cause there are 3 all year round =)

  2. omg really? thank u! i didnt know that coz I didn’t reply his email. im gonna reply him right now! what wud i do without u jie huei 😉

  3. wahh, that sounds fun! XD haha. i wanted to actually join in last time. hehe. have fun there!
    ~ elaine

  4. is kazuko ur jap name? hehe if u join i tink u’ll get accepted too 🙂

  5. Yeah, u should all try it..ita a once in a lifetime oppurtunity! & if u get chosen 4 d year end trip…tht’s the greatest experience ever, cause u get 2 make lotsa close new frenz 😉 btw, I was wodering how u knew Hanis from MDG? lol…Lihong really knows a LOT of ppl everywhere! lol

  6. Brats? Isnt that the STAR thingy? Go la, looks fun wei. =)

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