Posted by: lihong | July 22, 2008

Appreciate Dammit

This is a post I typed earlier, when my internet was down while I had a blogging mojo. Now no blogging mojo edi, just feel like copy-pasting 😛


NOOO!!! My internet is DOWN! Ok, more specifically, my house phoneline. It has some weird dialtone now. like beepbeepbeep…not the normal toottoottoot.

sigh. i can endure pain. i can tolerate annoying ppl (sometimes), traffic jams (coz im not driving :P) but I can’t stand a day without internet!!!

Ok, actually I can…I have a really weird behaviour, let me try and explain myself. When there’s internet connection, I don’t mind not going online but when there’s no internet connection, I’ll have a sudden craving to go online. You know…the typical “we only appreciate things when they’re gone”

But humans are like that. We really can’t help it, in fact we can’t afford to appreciate every single thing we have. That’s like having OCD. Imagine that I have to appreciate that..

1. I have to luxury to sit down and type this.

2. I have healthy shiny eyes.

3. I don’t have to wear specs.

4. I have a real human nose unlike MJ

5. I have a mouth (I appreciate it by making full use of it 😉 aihz, I should have told that to my maths teacher who said “I interacted too much with my peers” in my report card. That peer was Kamen Liew! Kamen…you know who did most of the interaction right? Woe is me -.-

6. I have a healthy set of teeth…which I hope to keep til I’m 90

7. I have both my arms.

8. I have both my legs.

Yea true, we can’t possibly consciously appreciate everything but we should appreciate things that are important to us. Sometimes we don’t even realise what is important to us until it’s gone. So find out what you can’t live without and APPRECIATE IT!

What about me? Yea I have problems practising what I preach too. I doubt every motivational book author practise what they preach all the time but I guess since they do it more often than us, that’s why they’re more successful?

I started this post with the intention to blog about the joy of being accepted into the BRATs journalist workshop  (The Star) and the sorrow  due to the possibility of forgoing this opportunity but aiya…don’t want lah, such a long post already, after you guys lose concentration and interest how?

so…to be continued. LOL i bet im one of the most potong stim bloggers out there. say wanna blog this blog that, but end up postponing it :p

p.s. I have this silly fear of typing too much, in fear of boring you readers. I feel like I must at least insert some pictures in this wordy post of mine. Blame all those stupid “how to blog” posts and KennySia! Who ask him to display so many photos and ended up being famous, he’s making everyone think that we must post pictures then only nice. All your fault KennySia! and don’t be perasan, I’m not saying this so that you’ll reply me. Actually I’ll be damn starstruck if you talk to me. what kind of “ps note” is this?! damn long -.-

p.s.s. does anyone feel like they’re talking to themself when they blog? but I guess if the readers post their comments, then it’s like they’re talking to their readers so…*hinthint*




  1. i comment liao…!

  2. i help you appreciate what you have dear. im a great peer. i think you should appreciate me. =D

  3. thank you for commenting psychopath 🙂

    kamen, I appreciate you wat, see I mention you in my blog 😛

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. Aw thank you 🙂 glad you like it, where are u from? Do come back again!

  6. Sign: wdpad Hello!!! xecrv and 3803qxmfpaasqr and 9089 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??

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