Posted by: lihong | July 20, 2008

The Incredible Hunt

Basically, the poster says it all but let me elaborate a bit 😉

The purpose of this treasure hunt is to…

·         To get involvement of year one and year two students in the council activities

·         To provide the students a creative outlet to test their thinking skills

·         To strengthen ties and foster bonds among the Business Department students.

·         To build a closer relationship between the Business Department students and staff



er yea I copied that from the proposal 😛

As you can see, for now, this event is ONLY for HELP Business Department students.

However, we might open up to outsiders *pending*


So why don’t you inject some spontaneity into your Friday afternoon?

After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • more brain cells (treasure hunts requires thinking skills man)
  • new experience
  • something to blog about
  • just think a bit, run a lil bit, have fun along the way..and you could win awesome prizes
  • get to know new friends. and these “new friends” are fun-seeking interesting people who’ll join the treasure hunt too, oh and fun-seeking people who organised it too *hinthint* :


 “Who say I don’t lose anything…Im losing RM6, time and energy”

RM6 for a day of fun. Where else can you get that?

Movies –>RM10 and above

Food –>min RM20

don’t get me started on the petrol price, popcorn, parking ticket, bowling..etc etc.

speaking of petrol price…you won’t have a chance to complain about wasting petrol money on this treasure hunt because you won’t need a car! ha-ha! *sheesh im so childish*

I wish I can join but I can’t

because I know all the answers LOL


don’t even think about bribing me for the answers 😛


p.s nice or not the poster? I made it with microsoft word. Yea I know, wtf Microsoft Word?! sorry i’m too lazy to get a photoshop cd 😛





  1. ”Who say I don’t lose anything…Im losing RM6, time and energy”

    You need to take into account the opportunity cost of spending time in the hunt as well as the RM6. What could i do with the time and money? I could use the time to work and lets say earn RM40 which means the cost of going to ur event is RM46! Now, would i be willing to spend RM46 on ur event? hmm…. XD

  2. well but if u join the treasure hunt…
    you get fun, experience and new friends that money can’t buy

    we’ll bearing opportunity costs all the time anyway, every single min we spend not working is an opportunity cost but we can’t work all the time, we need leisure time, which will in turn increase our productivity. By then, our salary will be more than rm40.

    so it’s worth it 😉


  4. LOL nooo i asked whether livejournal good or not!

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