Posted by: lihong | July 20, 2008

Goodbye Blogspot Hello WordPress!

Most new blogs start with a post on “Why I wanna blog/Why I’m changing blogs”

So yea, let me bore you with the usual.


Why I wanna start a new blog?

1. to annoy people who linked me by asking them to change the url.

2. then they’ll remember…ohya, li hong actually has a blog. LOL such an attention-seeker *slaps myself*

3. ok the REAL reason –> I had nothing better to do.

4. okok the really REAL reason –> I craved for something new. I can’t change my hair colour, I can’t go for a holiday, so I change my blog lor.

I kinda miss my old counter bar. It has 8641 hits. Not like that’s anything to brag about. That’s like nothing, as small as a spec of dust, an anthill, a mole on my face…compared to KennySia, Xiaxue, Pinkpau. BUT it’s still something compared to my single-digit counter now 😦 no worries! changeisgood changeisgood.

Oh yes, and I banished the chatterbox too, how evil huh? Nono, it’s not because I wanna prevent spam. I just want comments that are related to each post because normally people don’t give their insights in chatterboxes and even if they do, they’re usually short due to word limit. So yea, it’s kinda like forcing you to comment something but since I told you my intentions, it might backfire huh? oh well…

so please change ur blog links! u don’t want ppl to think u are a lazy bum for having outdated links, don’t u? (yea i know, I’m also like that)

p.s. that flying header girl looks like she’s about to land on my head.

p.s.s noone told me WordPress has smileys! *goes crazy with delight* 😐 😦 🙂 😛 😀



  1. First

    dot dot dot… must put email to post… zzz…. after sure kena spam kao kao 1.

  2. lol only u will spam la 😛 at least i can delete the spams, unlike in chatterbox

  3. eeeeeee!! evil! but i like ur new skin =]
    miss me miss me?
    m working in la senza at midv! hehe

  4. heyyy i miss u so so much! Everytime I go gym I think of you. When u free for pilates? and what time is ur work shift? I might visit u one day 😉 I wanna buy some bra also, lol!

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